Why The World’s Most Powerful Dictators All Have Books (and You Should Too)

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Have you ever noticed that every dictator, tyrant, and aspiring despot has a book to his name? Quotations From Chairman Mao? Mein Kampf? The Art of The Deal? This is no accident. While there are countless ways of creating media nowadays, publishing a good old-fashioned book still packs an unparalleled punch when it comes to building and consolidating authority.

During today’s conversation, we explore why this is so, along with how you can create a book that will help you build your very own fanatical following.

Topics include…

  • Why books pack more emotional punch than short form content
  • The genius of L. Ron Hubbard and The 4-Hour Work Week
  • How to get your own book going (even if you can’t write)
  • How to get book agents to give you a platform for world domination

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